SullyGnome - Twitch stats and analysis


Hi! My name is David (aka SullyGnome) and I am the creator of, which is a statistics and analytics service for Twitch. The site aims to provide information for the streamers and game developers who create the content we all love.

The Twitch API is used to collect the information and is polled every 15 minutes. This data is then aggregated and presented on the site. This generally occurs hourly or daily.

If you would like to contact me, you can catch me on Twitter, send me an email or a Twitch PM.


How often is data updated?

See below! :)

What channels do you collected data for?

Generally channels with 3 or more viewers. Channels with three or fewer viewers should not be considered as accurately tracked.

Why is the max viewers inaccurate?

The API caches the API response and the site only samples every 15 minutes so maximums outside of this will not be recorded.

How far back does the data go?

August 2015

The number of streams is less than other sites?

If a stream goes down for any length of time (even a few seconds), Twitch treats this as a new streams. In order to provide more accurate information we combine this into a single cast. For example, if you stream for 6 hours but restart your computer half way through, we consider this a single 6 hour cast, if you took a longer break however (say 20-30 mins) it will be considered seperate casts

Can i scrape your data?

Please don't, as this will have an impact on other users. I would like to provide an API to allow you to do this at some point, but for now get in touch and i'll see what I can do!

Data update rates

Last update
Regular update
Channel's online flag
5-30 mins
24 minutes
Viewer charts, streams etc
Hourly, around 20 mins past
2 hours, 13 minutes
Daily follower gain
Daily, following morning
13 hours, 51 minutes
3 day aggregates
13 hours, 51 minutes
7 day aggregates
13 hours, 51 minutes
14 day aggregates
13 hours, 51 minutes
30 day aggregates
13 hours, 51 minutes
90 day aggregates
Monday, Saturday
31 hours, 55 minutes
180 day aggregates
153 hours, 48 minutes
365 day aggregates
129 hours, 35 minutes