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SullyGnome.com is statistics and analysis site for Twitch. The site gathers and collates information about channels and games which are streamed on Twitch, aggregates it and presents it in a friendly manor.

The main goals are to provide a useful source of information for streamers which they would not normally get access to. As well as an aid when trying to answer questions such as “what game should I stream” and “when is the best time for me to stream”. Twitch is a chaotic system and there is no golden rule which will guarantee success, this site will never suggest there is. However, there are things which a streamer can do to improve their chances of success.

By analyzing this information, this site aims to quantify things which are universally accepted to improve the chance of success – such as streaming regularly on a fixed schedule. Does taking a holiday have an effect? How long does that effect last? Is starting out by streaming the most popular game effect the chance of success? These are the types of questions the site will aim to answer.

Every channel on Twitch is unique, with its own style and community. The site aims to provide more personal information to help streamers answer questions specifically about them, for example “I stream 40 hours a week, I want to cut this down a bit so I can balance real life...what are my optimal times to stream during the week”.

For viewers, it’s the ability to locate content in a more personal manor, for example “show me channels which stream Hearthstone and DayZ, speak French and have an average viewership of around 100”. We all consume Twitch in a different manor and for different reasons, this site wants to help improve that experience.

Method & Accuracy

SullyGnome.com uses Twitch’s API to generate the information on the site. Data is collected four times per hour and in most cases is aggregated to an hourly bases. An hours information will generally be made available 30 minutes after the end of the hour. Daily aggregates will most likely be available in the morning of the following day.

Some articles will be based upon a much larger datasets than is feasible to present on a live SullySite These articles will state this and date the information was valid for.

Data on Twitch is very dynamic and the API does not provide a global snapshot of Twitch at a given time. This means it is impossible to be 100% accurate, but by aggregating over an hourly period the information provided is accurate enough is most cases. Some examples of inaccuracies would be maximum viewers within the hour (will be less than the actual figure when there is a spike in viewership) and the start of a stream may be up to 15 minutes later than the actual start time.

The site does not collect information about all channels all the time, at present it is around 60-80% of channels depending on the time of day. This will hopefully increase to 70-90%. The priority is given to larger channels at present, channels which average 2 or more viewers within an hour will virtually always be collected, channels which average 0-2 may see gaps in their data depending on the time of day.


Please do not use any automated methods to pull data from this site as it will have a negative effect for other users.

If you use data from this site, a link/reference would be greatly appreciated!

The site is still under development so please expect there to be bugs!