SullyGnome - Twitch stats and analysis

Last online:
7 hours
Follower rank:
62nd (
Follower gain rank:
83rd (
Peak viewer rank:
16th (
Average viewer rank:
11th (
View rank:
393rd (
View gain rank:
137th (
The tool can be use the analyse the Twitch directory over the past hour to help when choosing which game to play. This tool is in beta, and should not be used a magic bullet to predict Twitch as that is impossible and no tool can do that. Due to the nature of the data and the processing involved, there is a 20 minute to 1 hour delay on the results.

You can enter the viewership of the channel to predict the position of the channel in the directory and get an estimate of the number of channels above, below or similar viewership(similar viewership being channels within 2 spaces of the directory).The weighted follower gain estimate takes follower gain by the channels within range(past hour) and weights the gain based on the viewership compared to the input viewership(i.e.gain by a channel with double the viewership will be halfed), extreme gains by a single channel are also eliminated(estimated gains for the largest channels tend to be under represented).

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